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IDEAs to Transform your Classroom

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In 2019 the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEA) sought out educators to answer one question, “How do you transform education in your student’s learning environment?” This is a compilation of how some passionate educators in Illinois transformed their environments to meet the ever changing needs of their students. You will share in their experiences of transforming struggling schools with the use of technology, using tools to make learning fun again even when it is for assessments, using the power of virtual reality to have students experience things they never would otherwise, having students collaborate with other students around the world to open students eyes to the global community, and more. We face a challenge in education where the world is changing and evolving at a very rapid pace, but education is steeped in tradition and it is more important than ever to break those traditions and start transforming the learning environments of our students. So take a journey with us and these Illinois educators to find out how they transformed their practices. And just maybe, you can learn from what they have done and use it to transform learning environments for your students.

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