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Smart City AR VR Adventure Mat

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Smart cities need smart people. Included with this mat are 3D, AR, and VR content that asks “what will be the impact of future cities on the people that live in them?” Use sensors, IoT, and creative problem-solving! Includes ‘on the mat’ and ‘outside’ classroom activities. It is designed for classroom use and is easy to clean, durable and folds away neatly without creasing. Included with this mat is a matching virtual smart city environment that you can view in either: 3D with your Chrome, Safari or Edge browser Augmented Reality with a compatible Android or iOS device Virtual Reality with a compatible Android or iOS device This Kai’s Clan AR VR Adventure mat gives you access to exclusive Smart City lesson plans & activities, a digital 3D view of the coding environment, augmented reality, and virtual reality! For a full description and list of specifications, please visit: KAI-MAT-SCITY-4PACK

Call: 630 628 1088

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Naperville, Illinois 60564

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