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Birdbrain technologies

Illinois Digital Educators Alliance is the official BirdBrain Technologies training partner in Illinois. BirdBrain Technologies’ mission is to inspire deep and joyful learning in all students through creative robotics.

BirdBrain cultivates creativity and computational thinking by providing flexible and inspiring products: the Finch Robot and the Hummingbird Robotics Kit.

Our training is a blend of project-based learning, maker education, computer science, and engineering. See how to bring creative robotics into any classroom and every subject with the Hummingbird Robotics Kit. You will learn to code robotics components like LEDs, motors, and sensors, using programming languages suitable for students in grades 3-12. Then, you'll learn to combine these robotics components with common craft supplies to make cardboard mechanisms, remote controlled recycled rovers, a Robot Petting Zoo Animal, or even re-enact a scene from Romeo and Juliet. We'll learn to code and build using laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads/tablets, to serve the needs of every school.

Looking at purchasing BirdBrain kits for your school or classroom? Contact IDEA at for pricing and to place an order.

order birdbrain kits

Are you interested in a custom quote or more information about purchasing these tools and/or training for your school? We sell all products offered by BirdBrain Technologies! Just browse the products here and email us at for a quote. We do accept purchase orders, and we are an approved vendor for Chicago Public Schools. Send all order requests and questions to

RESOURCES to GEt you started

  • BirdBrain Video Courses: FREE videos to teach you the basics of programming, building, and teaching with the Hummingbird Robotics Kit.

  • LiveStream Learning Webinars: Free to join, and the next best thing to being at an in-person training! 

  • BirdBrain Learning Portal: Learn to program your Hummingbird on any device by going through this portal.

  • First Hour of Robotics Lesson Plans: Step-by-step lesson plans to introduce students to building and programming with the Hummingbird Robotics Kit. 

  • Prototyping Activity: Help your students plan and build a successful project with the Hummingbird Robotics Kit using this simple activity.

  • Resources Page:  Find printable instructional and teaching resources here.

  • Grant Assistance: BirdBrain Technologies wants to make the grant application process as easy as possible for you! We’ve collated some commonly needed information for grant applications, as well as places to look for funding.

Find some inspiration ...

See how BirdBrain is being used in real-life classrooms in Illinois! Read our blog post here all about a Chicago Public Schools' teacher's journey with BirdBrain. 

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