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Support Anxious Students Without Distracting Your Classroom

January 25, 2023 2:14 PM | Heather (Administrator)

It may seem strange that we’re incredibly excited about this Vivo blog post about, of all things, ergonomic furniture. But flexible seating has been gaining popularity and recognition for several years, but it’s not always carried out to its fullest capacity. Truly accessing the benefits of flexible seating means looking at the type of options you have available. For the best results, this means looking at ergonomic furniture specifically designed to comfortably accommodate movement. Specially designed ergonomic furniture will also allow access to classroom engagement for neurodivergent students that they may find difficult to achieve in a traditional setting. And that’s what Vivo shows us in this post!

Support Anxious Students Without Distracting Your Classroom

It's no secret that anxiety is high in students today. From shifting positions in a stationary chair, pencil tapping, to constant requests to get up and move, the signs of a fidgeter are obvious. And unfortunately, it often becomes a distraction for neighboring students. What if you had a quiet way for fidgety students to move throughout their day without causing loud distractions to others? What if there was a solution that would allow movement that actually increased a student’s ability to focus?

There is. And it’s easier than you’d think. Allow me to introduce you to VIVO’s collection of rocking kneeling chairs. 

Kneeling Chairs by VIVO

Proudly located in the heart of Illinois, VIVO provides a flexible solution to classroom seating. Our kneeling chairs encourage use of alternative postures that engage otherwise unused muscle groups. 

The chairs are angled at a comfortable 90 degrees, providing a seated position that mimics that of standing. The subtle rocking motion provides needed movement throughout the day and can improve focus overall. And best of all, the solid wood frames cause no squeaks or crackling noises, reducing classroom distractions. 

These chairs are by far my favorite,” says Andrea Sandavol, first grade teacher at Midland Elementary. “Some of the other flexible seating options allowed for too much movement, and the students were distracted by it. These kneeling chairs are perfect as they allow different seating and some movement in a controlled manner.” Sandavol’s classroom in Lacon (IL) tested out four of VIVO’s rocking kneeling chairs to use as flexible seating options. “The students love using the chairs and I have noticed an improvement of focus from my more wiggly students!”

Great in the Classroom

Kneeling chairs can be great additions to a classroom when used in conjunction with existing chairs. This allows students options throughout their day to change up how they are sitting and can help more wiggly students get through the long day without missing vital classroom time. It can also satisfy the need to move while helping the students focus and stay on task. 

Students pick the [kneeling chair] over the other flexible seating I have in the classroom,” shares Robin Shaffer of her kindergarten class at Germantown Hills Elementary (Germantown Hills, IL). “One student prefers to sit and rock as a way to calm down during the day…definitely benefits the students and myself.” 

Ready to learn more? Or try one out for yourself? Check out our collection of kneeling chairs, alongside many other classroom related products, at or plan on attending our Wednesday Webinar on January 25th, 2023. There we’ll showcase our collection of classroom oriented products and answer any questions you have!

Attending IDEACon 2023? Come visit us in booths 401 and 501, where we will have several chairs on display ready for testing, along with many other VIVO products. Stop by and say “Hello”, and enter for a chance to win one of 2 gift baskets. We would love to meet you! Haven’t registered yet? Register here

At VIVO, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of kneeling chairs along with many other ergonomic solutions for the classroom. Located in Central Illinois between Bloomington and Peoria, we love working with educators throughout Illinois and beyond to help improve their day to day environment for their students. Alongside flexible seating options, we also offer height adjustable desks, mobile workstations, laptop carts, and monitor mounts to make your day a little easier. 

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