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gotFeedback - AI Generated Feedback for Student Writing

April 19, 2023 9:00 AM | Heather (Administrator)

gotFeedback - AI Generated Feedback for Student Writing 

by Steve Wick

Feedback matters for both teachers and students. When I create and share feedback with my students, it forces me to think about the lessons and activities that led up to the student's responses. It also helps students reflect on the same lessons and activities and sets the stage for what is next. 

Making time for authentic feedback can be a challenge. I use a variety of formative assessment tools to help with instant feedback, but sometimes I need to provide prompt and effective feedback to short answer responses in a document or form response. I have some "canned responses" to save me some time, but these often are not enough to provide complete feedback. I still struggle to find the time and the right words to personalize all feedback for students. 

Thanks to Richard Byrne and gotLearning, I have a new tool to explore that should help me create and share personalized feedback more efficiently. gotFeedback's goal is to help teachers provide more individualized feedback to students. gotFeedback is modeled on the research and built to provide feedback that is:

  • Goal-referenced
  • Tangible and Transparent
  • Actionable
  • User-Friendly
  • Timely
  • Ongoing
  • Consistent

It sounds like gotFeedback will be added to the full gotLearning platform in the future, but right now teachers can use the resource as a stand-alone free product after creating a login. 

Here is a brief summary of how to get started exploring the platform.

1. Create a free account. 

2. Once you are signed in, choose the type of feedback you would like to have the AI generate. Right now the options include, “Narrative Structure”, “Details in This Writing”, “Claims in This Writing”,  and “Evidence in This Writing”. Teachers can also write a custom prompt. gotFeedback has even created a “Prompt Guide” to help. 

3. Next, a student's work can be uploaded (pdf or Word) or pasted directly on the site.

4. Click “Evaluate” and the AI will create a customized evaluation for the writing that can be copied,  modified if necessary, and shared directly with the student. 

I am looking forward to spending some more time exploring both gotFeedback and gotLearning as I prepare to use these resources with my students. 

Additional AI Generators to Support Teachers and Learners

  • QuestionWell - AI-generated questions connected to a text set.
  • Curipod - AI-generated interactive lesson creation. 
  • TinyWow - AI generator for images, videos, text, and more. 

Books - Artificial Intelligence for Educators

Additional AI Resources

Let me know if you have any questions,

Steve Wick


High School Science Teacher & Instructional Technology Coordinator

IDEA Illinois Executive Secretary

The More You Share The More You Learn 

About Steve Wick

Steve has taught Science & Social Studies at the middle school and high school levels for more than 25 years. His focus as a learner is strongly connected to the 4Cs, Instructional Technology, G Suite for Education, Formative Assessment, and Student-Centered Learning. Helping students and teachers become lifelong learners is his calling. 


Call: 630 628 1088

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