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Integrating Coding with Drones in the Classroom with IDEA partner, NextWaveSTEM

August 06, 2019 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Although drones are oftentimes viewed as either toys, or tools for professionals, their potential for education cannot be understated. Lessons in drones offer learning opportunities in STEM subjects such as physics, coding, math and more.

Learning about how an object can take (and sustain) flight is made easy with drones in the classroom. Teaching students about flight fundamentals such as lift, thrust, drag, and weight can spark students curiosity and demystify the physics behind flight. For more advanced lessons, students can be tasked with calculating how long it will take a drone to fly a certain distance, or the maximum altitude a drone can attain.

On a more practical level, drones are a fantastic resource that help develop students’ motor functions. Quick reaction times are needed to fly a drone, honing student’s developing motor functions that are used throughout life in activities such as writing, driving, physical activity and more.

Drones make teaching students to code an engaging, hands-on activity. Students can be taught to have a drone perform maneuvers autonomously, such as banking and performing sharp terms. Eventually, students can be tasked with programming a drone to fly through an obstacle course by itself.

When it comes to emerging technologies, drones provide some of the most exciting opportunities to bring STEM to your classroom. From teaching coding for autonomous flight to fine tuning students’ motor skills, drones are an invaluable modern teaching aid.

Learn more about how how to expand student paradigms in computer science using drone technology. Join IDEA Professional Learning Partner NextWaveSTEM’s Program Coordinator Desmond Martin for a webinar on August 7th at 4pm CDT. Desmond will guide you through the impact of using Scratch coding to transform students from consumers of technology to creators through intentional and specific experiences with cutting edge tech.

NextWaveSTEM’s mission is to help students build 21st Century Skills by providing hands-on learning using emerging technologies, opening up new career and life possibilities.

RSVP for the webinar at

Illinois educators will earn one (1) PDH at the conclusion of the webinar.

Call: 630 628 1088

2735 Hassert Blvd.

Ste 135 PMB 304

Naperville, Illinois 60564

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