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Digital Distraction: Mr. Teachwell Slaps That Thing Right Out of Your Hand; this podcast, brought to you by IDEA

January 01, 2020 1:38 PM | Anonymous

Happy New Year!

In the latest episode of Teachwell Teachers, sponsored by IDEA, Dr. Didi and Dave talk about the many digital distractions students and teachers contend with and discuss the research on this topic with Kurt Schuett. And while Mr. Teachwell didn't see cellphones coming, this week's chapter has plenty of complaints about the distraction of "chewing gum and cigarette-smoking Fonzies"! Oh, and Paula fails, yet another, quiz!

The Teachwell Teachers Podcast is a bi-monthly show featuring veteran teacher, Dave Narter, and instructional coach, Dr. Paula. Years ago, Dave found, in the walls of his classroom, Mr. Teachwell’s Guide to Teaching Better. Now, in every episode of Teachwell Teachers, Dave and Dr. Paula talk about an educational issue, laugh far more than people in school ought to, and read a chapter from that amazingly ridiculous book. Oh, and Paula takes a quiz!

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