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Schools Like a Punk Show on the Punk Rock Classrooms podcast, brought to you by IDEA

February 17, 2020 1:19 PM | Anonymous

This week, Punk Rock Classrooms discusses how schools can become successful in pushing all students forward by getting everyone involved. Schools must build a camaraderie and unity to bring the best for our kids, that's why we're all here! We can't let staff watch from the nose bleed seats. We need to pull them into the pit and become a part of the show. This involves giving staff voice and input into what changes and implementations need to take place for success. After all, not every decision needs to be, or should be, made by the principal.

The Punk Rock Classrooms podcast wants to bring a punk rock mindset to the classroom! Schools need passion, community, and some DIY attitude!

Each week hosts Mike Earnshaw (principal from Illinois) and Josh Buckley (teacher from Arizona) discuss how punk rock shaped their education philosophy and show educators, punk or not, how they can bring a punk rock mindset into their classrooms and their schools.

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